Residential Projects


At IONA Development, we understand that your luxury custom home is so much more than just a house. Your custom home is the culmination of years of your hard work and is uniquely representative of your personality and style. It’s where quality moments will be shared with family and friends. The experience you have building your custom home should be equally enjoyable.

We have developed a unique process that allows us to transform your ideas into reality. For over four decades we have created and optimized systems that streamline every aspect of the custom home building process. From lot analysis, to design, through selections, and on to construction and closing…no other builder provides you with the uniquely individual experience that we provide.

Our commitment to industry-leading innovation results in a building experience that is as exciting and rewarding as the finished product. This same commitment to quality and excellence has enabled us to be recognized as the “Custom Builder of the Year” multiple times! And it’s the primary reason why so many of our clients choose us over and over again.

Whether your dream is a luxurious estate, a family home, a summer home, or a cozy cottage, our dedicated staff of architects, engineers, real estate professionals and master tradesmen, will bring your dream to reality.What we do is fairly simple and old fashioned and is something we have done well for a long time. We bring together the finest craftsmanship to work together as a team, under the watchful eye of our managers, to produce your custom home to our unequaled standards.

We also take pride in our ability to counsel you on your selections, a talented network of decorators and designers help you get the look you want within the budget you have set.